USM’s TTLO Offers Online Advisory on Intellectual Property for Students and Researchers

15 · June · 2020

Researchers and students from the Federico Santa Maria Technical University had the opportunity to receive customized workshops on Intellectual Property, in order to apply to competitions like the VIU, as well as other funding.

The USM Technology Transfer and Licensing Office is aimed at fostering the protection, transfer and commercialization of the results of research and development projects. For this reason, and during the complex times we are facing as a result of the pandemic, the Office is continuing to work and hold ongoing workshops for members of the university community.

One of the workshops held was for projects that applied to the VIU competition under the sponsorship of USM’s 3iE Institute. At this time, the TTLO, which operates within the Directorate for Innovation and Technology Transfer led by Samir Kouro, advised workshop participants on intellectual property.

Patricio Rubio, Engineering Analyst for the TTLO who taught the workshop for the VIU applicants, explains that, “this activity was a workshop on patent searches. That is, we taught the people applying to the VIU basic methods to search for existing patents on search engines. For example, using classifiers to facilitate their searches, and to develop and learn a methodology that can be useful for them in their projects.”

These advisory services and workshops are important for students, graduates and professors participating in application processes, as most of them develop technologies and are oriented around a single intellectual property protection strategy. However, these opportunities offer them a specialist who is able to advise them on implementing their potential commercial strategy once they have developed a commercial project.

“I think it is important as part of the learning process to be able to improve their projects, and for our office as well to be able to give them tools and instill a culture of invention protection. This also helps us later, once the participants in this process are able to protect the technologies they develop, because we have a common language and can better understand each other. Right now, the culture of intellectual property is not as widespread as we would like it to be in order to facilitate these processes,” Rubio points out.

Viña del Mar Campus Training
Another activity was carried out for the USM Viña del Mar Campus, at the request of Professor Santiago Geywitz, Research Coordinator on that campus. At this time, an Intellectual Property workshop was offered for thesis students in the Manufacturing and Industrial Design Engineering program. The workshop explained both theoretical and practical aspects of patents, and participants were able to carry out practical exercises to apply the contents delivered.

The activity sought to provide a practical tool to guide students in their thesis projects with respect to the knowledge stored in global patent repositories. The workshop was held by video conference on Monday, April 27th.

“The presentation made by Patricio Rubio and Alejandra Brusco, from the TTLO, was framed within the activities of the ‘Graduation Seminar’ course in the Manufacturing and Industrial Design Engineering program that I lead. This is the fourth year the workshop has been held, and it has generated important knowledge for our students to be able to manage searches and the current state of technologies. Some of its results include over 6 licensing processes in progress; and this year, our thesis student, Cristian Arancibia, has already submitted an Invention Disclosure for his ‘COVID-19 Sanitizer’ project,” Geywitz highlights.

He also adds that, “the activity gives our students and professors the vision that they can make progress towards different types of licensing, from Utility Models to the Property and Patents Registry, and this is also an important part of our students’ thesis and graduation processes. For this reason, we thank the TTLO for their continuing support to raise awareness of these processes within our program, Department, and the Viña del Mar campus as a whole.

For Carlos Vera, Manager of the Technology Transfer Office, “it is fundamental that we train students and provide them tools so that they can better develop their innovation projects, considering key aspects of intellectual property and technology transfer.”

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