OTL of the National University of Costa Rica visits the USM

25 · June · 2019

The Office of Knowledge Transfer and External Linking of the Central American House of Studies visited the Office of Technology Transfer and Licensing (OTTL) of the USM to exchange good practices, share experiences and thus strengthen the link between both institutions.

This visit is part of a tour that was conducted by the Costa Rican Office in different universities in the region. According to its Director, David Arguello, the visit to the Technical University Federico Santa María produced a great learning, “to know in broad strokes, the structure, the model, some processes and the profile of the personnel of the Office of Technological Transfer and Licensing of the USM, made clear to us the great work and effort that they are leading from this unit in the Intellectual Property theme of the technologies resulting from the academic work of the officials of said University “.

Director Arguello also commented that they were very impressed by what the Chilean OTTL has achieved in less than 8 years. “We have a very positive image, knowing how in just a short time they have managed to consolidate and position the Office as one of the best in Chile, how they have managed to implement processes and procedures that, in a planned and orderly manner, have generated an environment of confidence and clear rules among University officials, on how vital issues such as the ownership regime of Intellectual Property and the distribution regime of potential economic benefits are handled, all of this provoking an adequate atmosphere of university innovation “.

Arguello also said that they hope that this visit is only the beginning of a long-term relationship between the two institutions, “we hope that this contact will not remain in a simple visit, but from this first meeting, we can formalize a cooperation where we can strengthen the exchange of good practices, internships, training, among other activities “.

For his part, Carlos Vera, Manager of the OTTL USM, commented how important this meeting was for both units, “the visit of the OTL of Costa Rica was very enriching, since we were able to share experiences and good practices. It is extremely important to be able to share with other colleagues what is the operation of our OTTL and how we can contribute so that other offices are nurtured with our experiences. “


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