CATI Valparaíso is installed in the region with the “Intellectual Property Thursdays”

Initiative is part of a collaborative program promoted by WIPO and INAPI, together with the UV, the PUCV and the USM.

“Jueves de Propiedad Intellectual” is named after the initiative promoted by the Technology and Innovation Support Center in Valparaíso (CATI), which aims to train innovators and innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and academics in topics related to intellectual property. and industrial.

The CATI, which is made up of technological managers belonging to the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, the Federico Santa María Technical University and the University of Valparaíso, is an international program belonging to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with its national base in the Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI), which has as one of its aims to facilitate access to innovators from developing countries to local technology information services, helping them to exploit their potential in order to generate ideas , protect them and manage their intellectual property (IP) rights.

This was explained by Santiago Prat of the PUCV OTL, who was in charge of the First CATI Workshop “Introduction to Intellectual Property”, which indicated that “today we are launching this CATI program that is part of the pilot plan of the National CATI in Chile. We have received the invitation from INAPI, the product of the collaborative work that exists between the three universities more than six years ago. There is already a relationship of trust with INAPI for the solid work that has been done in the dissemination of intellectual property instruments to the entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators, and obviously, the work that is done internally by each university with its academics and researchers. ”

Adding that “in this first workshop we address general issues of how the intellectual property system works, both nationally and internationally, focusing on copyright, on the one hand, and industrial property on the other, as well as patents, trademarks, utility models, industrial secret and denomination of origin and geographical indications “.


The CATI Valparaíso service will not only be based on “Property Thursdays”, but will also have other free services open to the public, which will be carried out in person in Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. It is a direct attention that will be made once a week in the different universities, where IP consultancies and technological research / information will be developed by the professional teams belonging to the Innovation and Technology Transfer Directorate of the UV, and the Offices of Transfer and Licensing of the PUCV and the USM.

In this context, Martín Davis, legal advisor of the DITEC UV, who will be in charge of the public attention of CATI in Viña del Mar, said that “this is a program that strengthens the innovation and TT ecosystem in the region, putting available to the public the human and physical capacities not of one, but of all the OTLs of the region. The collaborative work of attention also allows the regional decentralization of the service, since not only can they be served in Valparaíso, but also in Viña del Mar, thinking in the future about the possibility of covering more territory “.

“It is a program that makes it possible to democratize access to technological information, as well as access to the tools that allow us to find, analyze and use that information appropriately. The latter is especially sensitive to that part of the public that does not have the means to finance a study of the state of the art with respect to a technology, or a patentability report, “he said.

Patricia Contreras, Project Engineer of the OTTL USM, pointed out that “we seek to promote and support the innovative potential through the protection of intellectual property, offering services that collaborate with this initiative, such as, among others, searches specific where is the novelty and state of the art, or the analysis of technologies “.

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